Formes de Luxe:

Special MakeUp 2016

Faber-Castell's Truly Natural eyeliner features an Ecocert-certified formula that is composed of 95% natural ingredients and is fragrance, preservative and talc-free. The remaining 5% of the formula is composed of iron oxide-based pigments. The wooden pencil, meanwhile, is certified FSC.


Delineador fino de madeira (pequeno): Verdadeiramente Natural, estampando as marcas internacionalmente reconhecidas e madeira certificada pelo CONSELHO DE MANEJO FLORESTAL
Brow Powderliner is a dual-ended pencil offering on one end a color formula that is both dry and lightwight in texture (thanks to rice pwoder and spherical texturing agents), and on the other, a small brush for grooming the brows composed of micro-bristles.

The duo lip liner, Lip Uplift was formulated to give the impression of fuller lips. The highlighter "optically smoothes out wrinkles", while the opposite tip of the pencil gives a natural rosy flush to the lips.