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Reimagining Packaging Design for Beauty

How new technologies, sustainability, speed-to-market, unique design and customization are reshaping the look and feel of beauty brands...
Clean Beauty Designs

Faber-Castell Cosmetics has introduced the Pure Beauty and Pure² Beauty, a combined range of 12 color cosmetic pencils “with high performance and rich pigments,” according to the company. These designs are reportedly formulated without select controversial ingredients, including microplastics and silicones, and are all vegan and natural. Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ Pure Beauty and Pure2 Beauty range includes a slim wooden pencil lipliner in a shade called Cranberry & Coral, as well as a wooden jumbo pencil lipstick in satin and metallic finishes such as Divine Red (pictured).


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pure² beauty - Divine Red, colour-rich lipstick in satin
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