Sept-Oct 2019, Expression Cosmétique

Faber-Castell's Privil'age: in between skincare and beauty

Privil'age - Faber-Castell Cosmetics' colour cosmetics with active natural oils and hydrating & regenerating ingredients

The German pencil specialist introduced Privil’age, a range centred both on beauty and skincare. Peony (Photo 2) is an eyeshadow with a rich content of Marula oil. It acts on the elasticity of the skin. Its hybrid texture (a blend of powders and waxes) offers a silky skin feel and 12-hour wear. Dark Chocolate is a high precision eyebrow pen. Depending on the orientation of its tip, the user will be able to draw lines of different sizes and smudge free, for a natural. The pencil can also be used as an eyeliner to slightly enhance the lash line. Another original product: Violet, an eyeliner with a 24h hold. During the day, it offers a natural effect with a precise definition. In the evening, it can be smudged to highlight the nacres present in the formula. With its content of argan oil, it is perfectly suited for fragile eyes. The company also offers Magnolia, a pencil enriched with MaxiLip™, an active that hydrates and improves the definition and volume of lips. Finally, Coral Rose is a two-in-one jumbo pencil that can be used both on the lips and on the cheekbones. The shea butter in the formula soothes and protects the skin while hyaluronic acid hydrates it.

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