Formes de Luxe:

Special MakeUp 2017

Drawing the color line

From surface to graphic effects, eye colour is all the rage

Peek-a-boo eye styler is a liquid liner (12-hour hold) topped with a felt applicator featuring on aperture in the tip. The formula gathers around the aperture, making for thicker intensity.

Urban Amazon, a gel-like formula that makes for gentle application. Good restitution of the vibrant and bright colors, which are reflected in the matching transparent packaging.

Reign of color

The latest makeup innovations in formulation, packaging and full service.

Urban Amazon, a retractable liner for eyes or lips mixes strong color payoff and soft application. Forty seconds after application, the gel-like formula promises a long-lasting finish.

Magnetic Electric is a range of new-generation plastic pencils that are totally airtight, therefore allowing for a high amount of volatile ingredients in the formulas. The waterproof liners promise 16-hour hold for eyes and 8-hours for lips. For its plastic pencils Faber-Castell has conceived a PVC-free material that can be sharpened and is able to withstand the pouring of hot-bulk formulas.

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