March 28th, CosméticosBR:

Outsourcing: The strategic link in the production of industry

Faber-Castell has production sites in Germany and Brazil and exports to more than 13 countries. The company provides outsourcing services to the largest global and national companies meeting the demands for makeup lines eyes, lips, face and nail treatment. It develops a modular system of formulations, packages and accessories, with customization according to the demand of the brands of its clients and for different types of applications. Its portfolio includes technologies for slim and jumbo wooden pencils, mascara for eyelashes, liquids, chubbys, retractable pencils and sharpeners. "The challenge is to keep up with new technologies and trends with the agility demanded by a rising market, even in times of economic crisis," says Ivonne Ascher, Brazil and Latam sales director.

According to Ivonne Ascher of Faber-Castell, the advantages of outsourcing are evident in the distribution of tasks. The R & D deparment is at the forefront of developing formulas and products, and the industry supports new technologies for manufacturing and supplying products in the full-service system. "This leaves our customers free to focus on their marketing and marketing strategy," says the director of sales.

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