July 2016, PBN:

Faber-Castell Cosmetics presents solutions for a glamorous make-up

On the occasion of MakeUp in Paris, Faber-Castell Cosmetics present their 2016 Summer Novelties.

The German supplier, showcased a new packaging: The Slim Plastic Pencil. The sharpenable airtight PVC-free barrel is ideal for super-long-lasting formulations. The pencil is available in any colour and can also be refined by hot foil decoration. At MakeUp in Paris, Faber-Castell Cosmetics presented this new packaging with the two textures:

MAGNETIC is an up to 16h eyeliner and supersoft kajal with a gel-like consistency. After about 40 seconds, the formula has set to a long-lasting finish that holds the whole day. “No smudging. Waterproof. Also perfect as kajal: It goes on supersoft and offers full coverage,” explains Faber-Castell Cosmetics.

LIP SHAPER provides a colourless contour and smoothly corrects the lips. It softens the lip contours while micro-fine silica beads and polyamide powders provide a velvety feeling and an optical blurring effect. LIP SHAPER is refined with a metallic hot foil decoration.

Furthermore, Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ Mechanical Pencil is now available with Micro Bristles, thus providing an excellent blending in a continuous track. They are available in standard black and transparent, but also eye-catching customized colours are possible. Thanks to its 3mm lead diameter INVISIBLE BROW FIX allows a very precise styling with a comfortable, non-sticky feel.

Also presented at MakeUp in Paris:

LINE & GLITZ  is a duo featuring a pure black 12h liquid eyeliner and a luminous 16h highlighter.

SATIN KAJAL a colour-rich and incredibly creamy kajal. Used as shadow- liner, it creates a smokiness with glossy finish.

► The Duo liner LIP UPLIFT to easily creates the illusion of naturally fuller lips and prevents lipstick from feathering.

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