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Faber-Castell Cosmetics: innovation and personalization

Stefano Castelletti, Faber-Castell Cosmetics
Stefano Castelletti, CEO at Faber-Castell Cosmetics

The German company specialized in the manufacture of cosmetics pencils and make-up applicators, which will be completing its fiscal year at the end of March, is clearly stating through the voice of its CEO, Stefano Castelletti its objectives in terms of growth and market positioning. “Changes in consumer demand irresistibly prompt us to constantly innovate and step up our offer in terms of personalization,” he stressed. A 2013 fiscal year where the turnover of Faber-Castell Cosmetics grew mostly thanks to the excellent results achieved on markets like Brazil and the United States, with respectively a 10% and over 20% increase.

Premium Beauty News - You are at the junction of two fiscal years. What are your comments on the past year and what do you expect from the one to come?
Stefano Castelletti - Regarding Faber-Castell Cosmetics, Brazil continues to be extremely dynamic with a growth of over 40% compared to the previous two years. We also performed well in the United States with a growth of over 20%, destined to continue particularly in the premium segment.
Conversely Europe, like its economy and an ongoing crisis, will have remained a little behind.
As for Asia, and particularly China, it is clear that this country remains a future market for us. Brands are starting to emerge and there is a real shift upscale. To enable us to be competitive, these two criteria are essential. We have three factories in Indonesia, one in Malaysia and one in China and consequently, we are extremely well equipped to deal with local market requirements.
Premium Beauty News - What is your outlook in terms of development and positioning of Faber-Castell Cosmetics?
Stefano Castelletti - What we are experiencing in developed countries is quite revealing of what a company like ours should aim at. We can clearly observe that classic brands have the wind in their sails again and that at the other end of the chain, consumers are asking for ever more innovation and especially personalization. Not only must our products be flawless but they must also provide a real added value perceived by the end consumers. At the formula level, of course, but also concerning their application tools. Our teams are focusing a lot on this at Faber-Castell Cosmetics, i.e. on the megatrend “personalization”, on which we strongly believe and for which we will be presenting new and interesting concepts.
The interplay of innovation, fashion trends, engineering and manufacturing together with the international market dynamics are a real challenge for the management of a B2B company in the cosmetics sector. Our industry has been and continues to be characterized by strong personalities and entrepreneurship, who have implemented their success with knowledge, experience, intuition and charismatic leadership.
Premium Beauty News - Are some of the sectors where you are investing, more promising than others?
Stefano Castelletti - As everyone knows, eye make-up is very promising at the moment. We are moving with this trend and plan to significantly increase our production capacity in the area. But eyes are not the only sector of interest. Lip make-up is also very dynamic with a true revival of lipstick for the years to come. Again we will support demand with not only an increased production capacity for everything that has to do with lips, but always with a desire to innovate. Latest product to date is SIMPLY RED XXL, a mat lipstick with a specific formula to achieve a moisturized and 5h long-lasting look on the lips, which creates an ultra-rich, even colour without feathering. It is available in the classic wooden Jumbo pencil or in the new Chubby Mechanical Pencil. Further novelties of our new spring collection “No Limits!” are:

► COOL CATS: a deep black 12h liquid liner with extra-long tapered tip and a cream kajal with intense finish which we will showcase in our new airtight Combo Stick.
► FLUO LIPSTICK: lightweight neon colours that create a radiant glow under UV-light.
► METALLIC CHIC: long-wearing eye- and lipliners with high iridescent pearl pigments and a smooth, even glide. The wooden pencils are refined with a special metallic lacquer and a pure chrome finish.
► BLUSH UP: a lightweight, moisturizing cream formula for lips and cheeks. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and Dermaxyl® prevent and smooth wrinkles. The Super Jumbo provides a convenient one-hand application.
► With MIRACLE NAILS we developed a premium care with rich natural oils and vitamins that restores the moisture balance and deeply hydrates nails and cuticles. It is available as Nail Fluid and Nail Serum with a non-oily feeling.
► And let’s not forget our Trend Colours 2015.

Premium Beauty News - Faber-Castell Cosmetics has launched its new internet site last week. What’s the benefit?

Stefano Castelletti - The new site features a multitude of useful updates and navigational improvements to make the on-line experience even more user-friendly. Right from the start you will find all the latest news, such as fair guides, new product information, press releases and more. And as registered customer, you can take full advantage of our exclusive content that takes you deep into the world of Faber-Castell Cosmetics. We look forward to seeing you on-line at

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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