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Faber-Castell Cosmetics will inaugurate its new plant in Brazil next month

Stefano Castelletti, Faber-Castell Cosmetics
Stefano Castelletti

The opening of Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ Brazilian plant occurs at a time when all indicators are “green” for the firm of German origin. The fiscal year that just ended recorded full capacities and a steady growth of the turnover over the previous year. The coming months will be even better with an increase of sales that is expected to exceed the 5 %. Overview with Stefano Castelletti, CEO.


Premium Beauty News - Crisis, what crisis? We are tempted to ask ourselves when we analyse the progression of your group in the cosmetic segment.

Stefano Castelletti - There is no magic wand! We have worked hard in recent years and months on our costs to improve our productivity and to develop new products. And it’s working! Remember, in 2011 we started with the product concept “BRUSH-ON!”, our Liquid Applicator with a unique bristle brush for gels and emulsions. This airtight packaging is freshly activated with each click thus preventing the formulas from drying out. At Cosmoprof we presented it as “FLASH LASH”, a long-lasting brush-on top coat for lashes in flashy metallic colours with multi-dimensional sparkles.

Another packaging to mention is our PVC-free, airtight and sharpenable Plastic Pencil in Slim and Jumbo. This packaging allows creamy formulations with excellent glide that blend smoothly and then transform to a lightweight finish that doesn’t crease or melt away. We presented highly pigmented eyeshadow colours with the concept name “UNDERWATER LOVE”, which highlights the performance power of a 16-hours waterproof formula that withstands tough waves and gruelling workouts.

Premium Beauty News - Before going into the details of this dynamics of new product launches, can you tell us more on the drivers behind this growth?

Stefano Castelletti - In fact, to be honest, we were pleasantly surprised by this growth in Europe. It was in line with our expectations, that is to say “strong” in Brazil. And it was not up to our expectations in the United States. Concerning Europe, we can say that it was boosted by brands that are changing the world of make-up with a strategy that was both dynamic and very aggressive in terms of marketing and sales and who attracted mostly the younger generations. We were able to present a full set of services and products well suited to this type of demand, with a both innovative and demanding quality and service offer.

Concerning Brazil and this is no surprise, this country remains extremely dynamic on the make-up market and, as you know, we have the huge advantage of having our own fully integrated production chain.

Premium Beauty News - What will be the impact of this new plant in Brazil on your overall production capacity?

Stefano Castelletti - We will be doubling our production capacity of cosmetic pencils in this country through the construction of a new building. A production which is actually not just intended for the South American market, but also for our other geographic areas, be it Europe or the United States.

Premium Beauty News - Makeup in Paris in a few days will be the next appointment giving you an opportunity to showcase a host of new products.

Stefano Castelletti - With this year’s motto “Nouvelle Vague”, we are also going to present novelties with which we pay tribute to the style and elegance à la Parisienne. Whether smokey eyes in enigmatic shades, lips that make a statement in glamorous red tones or excellent new packaging components, these novelties play on both formula and application to offer outstanding products.

A few words about “DARK STAR”, a 16-hour waterproof smokey cream shadow in our PVC-free Jumbo Plastic Pencil. Special volatiles combined with silicone resin provide ultimate staying power. The highly pigmented cream shadow also provides a multilayer effect thanks to the sparkling effect pigments shimmering over a blackened undertone in deep darkened shades.

Premium Beauty News - Lips have become an area of choice for you?

Stefano Castelletti - Absolutely! And the variety of products presented at MakeUp in Paris will emphasize this highlight.

We will present “SIMPLY RED”, a moisturizing lipstick with semi-matte finish and ultra-rich, 5-h lasting colour with no bleeding or feathering. The wooden Jumbo lip pencil with its 8 mm lead is lipstick and liner in one.

“TINT’N’YUMMIE BALM”, a Lip stain with a unique balm for comfort and shine, its unique texture looks and smells like gummy bear (jelly baby). Dual ended product with integrated balm and soft tip for precise contouring and outlining.

Premium Beauty News - After the lips.... the eyes!

Stefano Castelletti - With liquid liners this is THE category on the rise in make-up and we offer the right products and packagings for this trend with for example our full palette “EYE-CATCHER”.

Our liquid liner range offers different tips for different styles, : Whether classic, modern, drama or retro their various tips design an even line in one stroke and make these looks a whole lot easier. In Bologna we presented BAMBI EYES, its extra-long, tapered tip designs fine or bold lines just with a flick of the wrist and creates the perfect retro line.

To note also our “Full colour liquid Eyeliner”, 12-hours long-lasting deep matte or metallic shades with rich pigments for bold colours. The pointed felt tip assures a continuous flow for a smooth, even line in one stroke.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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