March 2013, Formes de Luxe:

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The success of the eyeliner is undeniable, and improved formulas and applicators are no longer just for makeup professionals. To mark the occasion of Cosmoprof in Bologna (Italy), Faber-Castell continues with this "democratization" with its Spot-On collection including Bambi Eyes, whose broad brush and quick-drying formula creates an intense effect, and is durable and water-proof (picture). The company is also surfing the trend for metallic colours, with Full Colour Liquid Eyeliner and the mascara Flash Lash. And they have not forgotten the nail polish segment, with Nail Guard, a protection range against the effect of dryness and brittleness, with a clever blend of vitamins, collagen, bamboo or jojoba oil extracts and shea butter.

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Mini Capillary System with extra-long, tapered tip: Bambi Eyes, 12h-long-lasting eyeliner with carbon black
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