April 2012, GCI:

Bold and Bright

GCI April2011, cover

Faber-Castell Cosmetics launched a range of new vividly hued products

Among the selections are Wild Thing, a multi-tone, marbled shadow eye liner collection; Naughty by Nature, a range of full coverage eye and lip liners in clear, bright colors; Fluo Pastels, delicate shimmer eye shadows; Eye-Stain N Shade, an eye stain with smoky shadow; Tint N Powerbalm, lightweight tint that colors the lips for hours with a balm that creates deeply moisturized lips; Power Nails, comprised of Mineral Repair for flexible and strong nails, and Oil Repair for healthy nails; and French Nails with Minerals, an intense nail white pencil that offers natural nails a clean and bright white look.
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