Points of Difference

Global Commitment is an Obligation

It’s our Nature®

The Faber-Castell group feels a consistent obligation and commitment towards people and the environment. We practice our social responsibility within the company, with business partners and in the community.

Faber-Castell joined the United Nations ‘Global Compact’ back in June 2003. That makes us one of the first medium sized companies to face up to the social, ecological, and economic challenges of globalization as part of a cooperative alliance between politics and private industry.

We prioritize and continuously search for environmental friendly processes and materials to contribute to planet preservation. We are ahead on anticipating future trends and impacts to accomplish our obligations and guarantee sustainability.

Using natural resources in a sensible way is only part of our commitment to a better quality of life. Our company-run forests make the Faber-Castell Group one of the few corporations that absorbs considerably more carbon dioxide than it produces.

Faber-Castell Cosmetics is rated for its excellent CSR policy.

Award for our excellent CSR policy

Faber-Castell Cosmetics has been awarded the gold medal by EcoVadis*) for its CSR activities. The company is rated as being among the top performers within the cosmetics industry, recognized as committed and responsible company in the areas environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.
“Environmental and social responsibility has been an integral part of Faber-Castell’s policy for generations. It’s part of our company’s DNA.” says Mary Gräfin von Faber-Castell.
We strive to continuously optimize our sustainability performance, to foster and maintain transparency and innovation - and together with our customers & partners to contribute to a fair and more beautiful world.

*) EcoVadis is one of the world’s most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings and assesses the environmental, social and ethical aspects of a company’s actions.


As a global concern, Faber-Castell will continue to work to prevent climate change not only by optimizing production and logistics processes and using sustainable energy, but also through active involvement in climate protection organizations.

Why? ‒ Because It’s our Nature®!


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